TFS Souq - Digital Souq

TFS Souq - Digital Souq

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TFSBS is a Qatar-based technology company with a vision to further improve and elevate e-Commerce in the country by providing an easy-to-use online marketplace. So we have designed an innovative app that allows Qatari shoppers to connect with reputable vendors and carry out secure online transactions.

This app, called TFS Souq, is available in the App Store and Google Play Store as well. Data from online sources show that sales generated by e-Commerce has been increasing consistently over the last decade. A recent project showed that the global e-Commerce sales would reach the 10$ trillion-dollar benchmark by 2022.

That is why discerning businesses are embracing online channels to drive more sales for their stakeholders. TFS Souq makes it easy for companies to embrace e-Commerce without the hassles of investing in the creation and management of an online store. 

TFS Souq is an app driven by innovative technology that allows vendors to create an online store without having technical expertise. It is a fast, efficient, and secure marketplace that makes online shopping a fun experience. TFS Souq is a platform designed to handle online transactions from payment to delivery of goods.

Sellers on our platform can focus on listing excellent products and fulfilling orders. We take care of the necessities that make their customers happy and generate Repeat Orders. To provide our clients with a leading-edge marketplace, we use state-of-the-art technology, and advanced security systems to safeguard the TFS Souq Marketplace.

We work closely with leading logistics service providers to ensure shoppers have the best possible experience with TFS Souq Marketplace. 

TFS Souq's vision is to promote e-Commerce in Qatar by creating simple, convenient, and competitive platform for buying and selling online.

Core Values

We have established values as benchmarks for the quality of service delivery that form a vital part in terms of service governing the use of TFS Souq Marketplace. These values are: We believe in creating a Win-Win-Win collaboration with our partners for their markets; Create a platform where buyers and sellers can transact with confidence; Teamwork and partnerships; Trust and safety; We aim to drive our business with a reputation for excellence; We conduct our business in tandem with the ethics of professional service; Adherence to quality, integrity and professionalism; We leverage technology to enhance the user experience of our customers; Customer satisfaction is a must since our business exists because of our customers.

Our Product

Below are the features of the TFS Souq platform : TFS Souq is a marketplace app designed for simplicity such that both the expert and technophobic can use the platform easily. This platform creates an avenue for product vendors and service providers to reach and interact with their audience, acquire new business leads, drive increased sales figures. TFS Souq creates a unique shopping experience that allows a buyer to shop with confidence in a secure platform.