Tradify Business Soltion GlocalME - Always Better Connected -Qatar

Tradify Business Soltion GlocalME - Always Better Connected -Qatar

Stay connected with stable, high-speed and secured mobile data network with CloudSIM technology.

GlocalMe is a mobile data connection solution brand under Nasdaq listed technology company uCloudlink (NASDAQ: UCL) , helping users across the world to access mobile internet data more efficiently with a range of our own hard ware and software products.

We strive for enabling best user experience on various increased intensity online services requiring stable and high speed data connection. Our innovative technology will allow domestic users and international visitors free from shopping for local SIM cards or high expenses of roaming data in over 140 countries in the world.

Always better connected is what we strive to help our users, as we firmly believe when everyone is seamlessly connected, we will benefit from the better understanding and bonding with each other.

GlocalMe is fully owned by uCloudlink Group Inc (Nasdaq: UCL), is an innovative mobile technology company established to offer the world's leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace based on Cloud SIM technology. For more about uCloudlink, please visit 

HyperConn ™ is an advancement from our CloudSIM technology and a universal solution that uses over 10 of our 100 plus patented technology to provide best user experience in providing a reliable, safe and dynamic network. We found a way to make use of all broadbands available to ensure internet connection not lost.

We first identify all available broadband networks, including all 4G and 5G mobile broadband signals, and fixed broad band coverage available. HyperConn ™ will use AI to determine the most effective network coverage based on your present location, internet usage and performance of all broadbands available.  HyperConn ™ will then apply different routing strategy and keep switching to the best performing network when users move around, use internet differently or network performance drop due to any reasons.

  • Stable network
  • Enabled by innovative cloud SIM technology, GlocalMe’s WiFi is in the use of multiple network operators, ensuring an uninterrupted internet connection.

    • Easy management
    • Connect in two simple steps and manage device, balance and data plan purchases all in the same App. 24/7 CS live chat available.

    Flexible data

    • 300MB50GB1G100MB10GB2GB
    • Competitive, high-speed local data plans, as well as the global data plan offered in over 140 countries and regions. No contracts, no obligation
    • Secure connection
    • Private WIFI with protection against unwanted data transmission. Get you the best internet connection for working, studying and entertaining

    The GlocalMe U2 pocket Wi-Fi is your Wi-Fi travel essential. It allows you to access the internet on a stable high-speed 4G network. You can travel with the U2 pocket Wi-Fi without paying extra data roaming costs in 140+ countries and regions around the world and the Wi-Fi hotspot can be shared across 5 devices.

    Covered 140+ Countries/RegionsSIM-Free4G High Speed NetworkEasy-To-Go APP
    Extra SIM Slots13 Hours UsageSharableData Security

    140+ Countries and Regions Covered

    SIM-free experience for your mobile at anytime, anywhere More in Service Coverage

    What is GlocalMe and how does it work?

    GlocalMe is a small mobile hotspot device that fits in your pocket - like a portable router. This means you can always have an internet wireless connection with you while you travel locally or abroad. With GlocalMe, you have your personal hotspot and can use the internet securely and seamlessly in over 140 countries. You will avoid roaming charges, public unstable WiFi hotspots – while paying only what you use, no expensive subscriptions or contracts needed.

    GlocalMe hotspots devices connect to a global internet network via smart, CloudSIM technology. In the countries in which we operate, your GlocalMe portable hotspot is recognized automatically, no need to purchase local SIM cards as you will have immediate internet access. GlocalMe converts the signal into a WiFi hotspot so you can connect multiple devices to the internet such your phone, laptop, tablets.

    The GlocalMe travel hotspot devices are 4G, however, depending on the location where you use GlocalMe hotspot, the internet signal can vary, and in some places, you might only have a 3G signal, just like you will do on your phone!

    What is data roaming?

    If you use the internet from your phone when traveling abroad, it goes through the network of local telecommunication providers. Your cell phone company charges extremely high costs for this international internet use, so many people turn off data roaming when traveling abroad and stop using the internet to avoid paying higher charges. Thanks to GlocalMe portable WiFi hotspots, you can use the internet when you travel abroad knowing that you will be paying the similar rates for internet as in your country.

    What are the benefits of using GlocalMe hotspot devices?

    - Affordable - No more bill shock, less expensive than data roaming plans and pricey hotel or airport Wi-Fi fees.

    - 140+ Country Coverage - Stay Connected with your own personal portable hotspot while on the road or traveling across the globe just like you would at home.

    - Convenience - GlocalMe is a real Wi-Fi hotspot: you can connect up to 10 devices at the same time with a long-lasting battery life.

    - Flexible Data Plans- Multiple mobile hotspot plans to choose from, no contracts needed, suitable for every type of internet user.

    - Safe and Secure- Enjoy a private internet wireless connection with password protection.

    Can I use my GlocalMe hotspot device as a power bank?

    Some of our WiFi travel devices such as G4 PRO, G3 and TriForce are equipped with a power bank function. You can simply plug in the cable into the USB port and connect to charge any device. We recommend you read carefully the specification of the GlocalMe mobile hotspot you want to buy to understand if it provides a power bank functionality. 

    Which devices can I connect to my GlocalMe hotspot?

    With your GlocalMe travel hotspot router you can connect multiple devices to the internet from computers, smartphones, tablets, cameras to watches and many others. Just keep in mind that each device that is added to your personal hotspot will reduce the bandwidth available to the other devices using the same WiFi hotspot. That’s because all these devices are sharing the same wireless network. In this case, a possible delay isn’t necessarily with the wireless connections, but it’s with the amount of traffic or bandwidth that can pass through the internet hotspot.

    Where to purchase GlocalMe hotspot devices?

    You can order GlocalMe hotspot devices from our official website. Please visit to browse, learn and choose from our large collection of portable WiFi devices. We have many travel hotspots to choose from depending on your needs and taste.

    If I Lose My GlocalMe hotspot device, what should I do?

    We are sorry to learn you have lost your GlocalMe travel hotspot. As a security measure, please change the password of your GlocalMe account and deactivate the hotspot device immediately to protect your balance and data package. Also, we encourage you to report it missing to our customer service team to help you with deactivating the hotspot device.

    We are sorry to learn you have lost your GlocalMe travel hotspot. As a security measure, please change the password of your GlocalMe account and deactivate the hotspot device immediately to protect your balance and data package. Also, we encourage you to report it missing to our customer service team to help you with deactivating the hotspot device.

    What are the terms of guarantee for my GlocalMe hotspot device?

    GlocalMe mobile hotspots purchased directly from us have a 1-year guarantee from date of purchase. If your travel hotspot device is defective within the guarantee period, please contact our customer service team.


    Tel: +1 (877) 402-7626 (Monday - Friday 10 AM - 5 PM EST)

    Purchase Inquiry: [email protected]

    Skype ID: uCloudlink Hong Kong

    24/7 Technical Support: click here

    If I'm interested in mobile hotspots, but I don't want to purchase the device.

    Renting a mobile hotspot is generally a good option when you only need the hotspot for a short period of time e.g. business travel of only a few days. Please visit our rental link (from our sister brand Roaming Man):  Rent Trial

    Tip: if you travel abroad often — for business or pleasure — it will make more sense to buy your own international WiFi hotspot. This means you won’t have to pay a rental fee every time you need to use your portable hotspot, you won’t need to pay for days that you have it but don’t use it, and in some cases, any WiFi plans you don’t use will roll over, ready to be used during your next trip. Buying your own international portable hotspot is also a good idea if business takes you to a variety of different locations several times a year.