Viva Mommy

Viva Mommy

E-commerce Web Application and mobile application for maternal needs.

Viva Mommy has launched its own app and website, allowing consumers to buy goods or services directly from an online seller using the web browser or mobile app. Consumers find an important product by visiting the retailer's website directly or by searching for alternatives sellers who use search for shopping the engine that shows itself product availability and pricing various electronic retailers.

Viva Mommy specializes in catering for all the needs of mother and child, taking take care of elegance of clothes and cosmetics, perfumes, children's rooms, furniture and gifts. Based on the desire of their customers, Viva Mommy facilitates the selection process for mothers, keeping their safety in mind.


With our services we can provide the best local and international brands of retailers to everyone's doorstep in Qatar and abroad. With our product we will be delivering the clothes, baby care products, perfumes, kids' rooms, furnishings, and even gifts that have been chosen from our store.


Viva Mommy is the first 100% Qatar-based application created for Qatar market and global market. Viva Mommy application is fully developed in-house by our own experienced IT developers, designers that allows us for full control & constant improvements of the app. We have our own fleet of highly trained professional drivers with good knowledge of the roads & routes. Orders from outside Qatar are delivered via Aramex. We provide highest level Customer Service 24/7 to guarantee your satisfaction. Our staff members are very experienced with vast knowledge of local market.


Weekly and monthly giveaway contests and prizes to our followers and new participants. Offers and discounts from the elegant brands and stores within the application, numerous sponsored events during the year to build brand exposure, and generate new subscriptions for our clients.